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This page provides you with a brief description of all of our items and services. We have four categories in the Creative Services, Visual Materials, Exhibition Solutions, and Online Business Solutions areas.

Creative Services
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Design Consultation on concept design & art direction, creative services, artwork mock-ups, and customised marketing materials. Branding such as corporate brand creation and enhancement, corporate identity design like logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, corporate folder, label, website, packaging, annual report, staff passes, etc. Graphic Design applies to all kinds of marketing collaterals, online and print advertisements, and interior graphics on feature walls and glass panels.

Logo Tracing - Davis Materialworks
Logo Tracing Services
Logo Colouring Services - Davis Materialworks
Logo Colouring Services
Visual Materials
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Custom Displays are listed with display showcases, backdrop units, life-size cutout standees and more. Event Display listed with roll-up standees, brochure standees, poster frames, etc. Signages are listed with office signages, door signs, acrylic signs, etc. Gifts & Accessories are listed with coasters, calendars, decorative stickers, staff tags, etc. Printed Materials are listed with stickers, fabrics, papers, PVC banners, etc.

Custom Plain Tablecloth - Davis Materialworks
Plain Event Tablecloth
Cutout Life Size Standee - Davis Materialworks
Cutout Life Size Standee
Commercial Vehicle Side Markings - Davis Materialworks
Commercial Vehicle Side Markings
Aluminium Door Sign - Davis Materialworks
Aluminium Door Sign
 3M™ PE Foam Tape - Roll - Davis Materialworks
3M™ PE Foam Tape - Roll
Custom Name Label For Door Sign - Davis Materialworks
Custom Name Label For Door Sign
Custom Event Tablecloth - Davis Materialworks
Custom Event Tablecloth
Poster Snap Frame - Curve - Silver - Davis Materialworks
Poster Snap Frame - Curve
Wall Spacer - Premium - Davis Materialworks
Wall Spacer - Premium
Online Business Solution
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Traditional or new businesses worldwide are rushing into digitalisation transformation to keep up with the latest trends and compete in their respective industries. Davis Materialworks is no exception, as the company has undertaken various initiatives to modernise its business processes in recent years. We can help you with everything from web design to development and more, based on our experience in modern digitalisation.

s͛Card, a digital business card that does more - Davis Materialworks
Digital Business Card for Individual
SEO Services - Research, Identify and Apply Strategy - Davis Materialworks
Search Engine Optimisation
Email Newsletter Services - Davis Materialworks
Email Newsletter Services

We have a list of new and used items for sale. Our team makes sure each item is good for more use. We focus on selling items that are a good deal and will serve you well. If you have something you’d like to sell, let us know. We can help you put it on our list and get the word out.

A3 Snap Frame - Brown Curve - Davis Materialworks
A3 Snap Frame - Brown Curve
Emergency Evacuation Sign - Quick Sales- Davis Materialworks
Emergency Evacuation Sign
Push & Pull Sticker - Sales Item - Davis Materialworks
Push & Pull Sticker
A3 Size Snap Frame - Flat - Davis Materialworks
A3 Snap Frame - Black Flat

Our Process

Most design companies and production houses processes are usually similar, but we are a little different. We aim to listen to your problem and record the core issue you are currently facing before offering the right solution to address or counteract it with a reasonable budget.

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If you want to purchase goods from us, it will be quite simple since most of our goods are clearly described on our website. We may not be the cheapest in the market, but we try to deliver excellent goods at a fair and reasonable cost. This is why many contractors and businesses collaborate with us to satisfy the demands of their clients without sacrificing long-term profits.

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