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Cubicle Name Plate - Premium

 Cubicle Name Plate - Silver Frame - Premium
 Cubicle Name Plate - Silver Frame : Label Insert - Premium
 Cubicle Name Plate - Black Frame - Premium
 Cubicle Name Plate - Black Frame : Label Insert - Premium
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 Cubicle Name Plate - Silver Frame - Premium
 Cubicle Name Plate - Silver Frame : Label Insert - Premium
 Cubicle Name Plate - Black Frame - Premium
 Cubicle Name Plate - Black Frame : Label Insert - Premium
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Details are listed below. Price is in Singapore dollar (SGD)

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Product Highlights:

  • Uniquely tailored design, personalising a name sign holder for your office workstation.
  • Custom-fitted hanging brackets precisely matched to your specific workstation dimensions.
  • Changeable custom inserts featuring an effortless slot-in design for dynamic display needs.
  • Name personalisation and colour customisation to reflect your personal style and needs.
  • Single or double-sided display options to suit varying visibility requirements.
  • Versatility in design with options for single-layer, double-layer, or multi-layer displays.


Our Premium Cubicle Name Plate is ideally suited for the following:

Displaying staff names on workstation partitions, dividers, or screens. It can feature the staff name, position or image, printed on high-quality paper, card, or plastic sheet, indicating the assigned occupant of the space.

Efficiently managing multiple name displays for shared workstations or cubicles.


Our Cubicle Name Plate has earned various recognitions, including:

  • U-Shape or N-Shape Acrylic Name Plate
  • Workstation Name Plate
  • Partition or Cubicle Name Plate Holder



  • High-quality clear acrylic material, elegantly framed in metallic silver or gold.
  • Also available in a sleek matte black finish for a professional aesthetic.


Buying Price Guide

Size & Product Code

250mm L x 60mm H x Custom Depth

For Single Side


Product Code: SWT4

MOQ 5 Pieces

$27 each

Order Above 20 Pieces

$25 each

Size & Product Code

250mm L x 60mm H x Custom Depth

For Double Sided


Product Code: SWT4D

MOQ 5 Pieces

$37 each

Order Above 20 Pieces

$35 each

Size & Product Code

Custom sizes & more layers are available.

Please email in for a quote.

MOQ 5 Pieces


Order Above 20 Pieces


>> When you order our  Cubicle Name Plate - Premium, we will provide a digital visual (artwork) mock-up preview before processing it for printing. (Click here to learn more)

>> After purchasing our door sign and you would like to change the inserts/labels, you can visit this Custom Name Label For Door Sign page to make an order. We have various materials for door sign inserts/labels for all visual settings.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices quoted are NETT, prices with No additional GST.
  • Price excludes delivery.
  • Large Quantity or Bulk Order rate is available.
  • FOC delivery for $500 order above.
  • Lead time will be advised after order confirmation.


To Order

  • Please click "Order Now" in the message box to indicate your order size, number of slots, and quantity.

Note: Custom Depth = Workstation Divider / Cubicle Partition (divider board between cubicle space). Please give us the Actual Size in millimetres; do not add any additional space/size or round off the measurement, as we will add that on our end.

Elevate Your Workspace with Davis Materialworks' Premium Cubicle Name Plates

Creating a solid brand identity and nurturing a confident, motivated workforce is paramount in today's competitive business environment. One key element often overlooked in this equation is office design, precisely the small details like office door signs and cubicle nameplates. At Davis Materialworks, we are renowned for our expertise in these crucial elements, crafting solutions that effectively communicate your brand and foster a sense of belonging among employees.


The Impact of Personalisation

Imagine walking into a modern, bustling office. Among the sleek workstations and cubicles, one detail stands out - personalised nameplates elegantly displayed on each desk. This not only creates an atmosphere of professionalism and sophistication but also instils a sense of individual recognition and importance. Regardless of their role, each employee feels seen, acknowledged, and valuable.

A personalised nameplate at each workstation doesn't just indicate who sits where. It affirms an individual's place in the corporate ecosystem and can significantly enhance an employee's confidence and dedication to the business. Every glance at their personalised cubicle name plate reminds them of their unique role in the larger organisation, fostering a sense of pride and ownership.


Signs of a Serious Business

Personalised workstation nameplates, especially those crafted with high-quality materials and a keen eye for design, indicate a strong brand. They suggest a business that takes itself seriously and values attention to detail. Visitors and clients who see personalised name plates on workstations will be impressed by your company's commitment to professionalism and its investment in its workforce. This strengthens your brand identity and sets a strong precedent for your work quality.


Why Choose Davis Materialworks

At Davis Materialworks, we are the acknowledged experts in crafting distinctive office door signs and cubicle name plates. Our products are more than just signs; they are a testament to your professionalism, your brand's strength, and your commitment to your employees.

Our Premium Cubicle Name Plates are designed precisely, offering a unique blend of personalisation, versatility, and elegance. They are tailored to your needs, available in high-quality transparent acrylic, metallic silver, gold, or a sleek matte black finish. Our nameplates are perfect for any office layout, with options for single, double, or multi-layer displays.


Let Davis Materialworks assist you in creating a workspace that inspires pride and exudes professionalism. We understand that the details matter and that your brand isn't just about your products or services; it's also reflected in your office environment and how you value your employees.

Reach out to our team of experts for a consultation. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and guide you towards the most suitable solutions. With Davis Materialworks, rest assured that your office signage will perfectly blend style, function, and inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we don't.

Please order an appointment if you want to hire us for site measurement. (Chargeable)

Please provide the exact size and a photo of your workstation divider.

Do not add extra space, as this will affect the final product's ability to fit nicely. Let us take care of the extra space as we have more experience with how much bend or space is needed to fit nicely on your workstation divider.

Yes, we do. You can check out the insert label page to see the type of material we can print.

Printing of insert labels can also be arranged after sales as we know businesses will have new staffs join and need to create new insert labels. Normally we will advise you on what to choose by understanding your organisation more on the HR side, like the frequency of hiring and the budget.

Yes, we do. You will need to let us see your current sign for the quote or tell us where you would like it to be so we can quote you accordingly.

Usually, you will need to take photos of the area you want the sign to be size and quantity you would like to order.

Yes, we can customise the size of the workstation nameplate.

There are a few things you need to consider:
1. number of characters or words. This is undefinable as some employees or departments or job titles as long characters.
2. how frequently will you be changing the insert label?
3. if you frequently change the insert label, you can print the label internally with your company printer.

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